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    • A Paradigm for Robust Geometric Algorithms 

      Hopcroft, John E.; Kahn, Peter J. (Cornell University, 1989-10)
      No abstract is available.
    • Polynomial-Time Algorithms for Permutation Groups 

      Furst, Merrick; Hopcroft, John E.; Luks, Eugene (Cornell University, 1980-10)
      A permutation group on n letters may always be represented by a small set of generators, even though its size may be exponential in n. We show that it is practical to use such a representation since many problems such ...
    • The Potential Method for Blending Surfaces and Corners 

      Hoffmann, Christoph M.; Hopcroft, John E. (Cornell University, 1985-09)
      We survey the potential method for blending implicit algebraic surfaces, summarizing and extending work previously reported. The method is capable of deriving blends for pairs of algebraic surfaces, and is guaranteed to ...
    • Quadratic Blending Surfaces 

      Hoffmann, Christoph M.; Hopcroft, John E. (Cornell University, 1985-04)
    • Reducing Multiple Object Motion Planning To Graph Searching 

      Hopcroft, John E.; Wilfong, Gordon (Cornell University, 1984-06)
      In this paper we study the motion planning problem for multiple objects where an object is a 2-dimensional body whose faces are line segments parallel to the axes of $R^{2}$ and translations are the only motions allowed. ...
    • Refinement of Hierarchies of Time Bounded Computations 

      Hartmanis, Juris; Hopcroft, John E. (Cornell University, 1968-06)
      It is shown that for any "slowly growing" time function $T(n)$ and any $\epsilon > 0$ there exists a computation which can be performed by a multitape Turing machine in time $T(n)\log^{\epsilon}T(n)$ and cannot be performed ...
    • Robust Set Operations on Polyhedral Solids 

      Hoffmann, Christoph M.; Hopcroft, John E.; Karasick, Michael S. (Cornell University, 1987-10)
      We describe an algorithm for performing regularized set operations on polyhedral solids. Robustness of this algorithm is achieved by adding symbolic reasoning as a supplemental step that compensates for possible numerical ...
    • Routing in Networks 

      Borodin, Allan B.; Hopcroft, John E. (Cornell University, 1981-11)
    • A Subexponential Algorithm for Trivalent Graph Isomorphism 

      Furst, Merrick; Hopcroft, John E.; Luks, Eugene (Cornell University, 1980-06)
    • Triangular Factorization and Inversion by Fast Matrix Multiplication 

      Bunch, James R.; Hopcroft, John E. (Cornell University, 1972-12)
      The fast matrix multiplication algorithm by Strassen is used to obtain the triangular factorization of a permutation of any non-singular matrix of order n in "greater than" C sub{1}n sup{log sub{2}7} operations, and hence ...