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    • Archives or Assets? 

      Hirtle, Peter B. (2003-11-24)
      This paper discusses the nature of ownership of archival holdings, with special emphasis placed on issues of intellectual property, and the implications such ownership may have on the exploitation of those works. In order ...
    • Archivists and the TEACH Act 

      Hirtle, Peter B. (Society of American Archivists, 2003-05)
      A brief summary of the TEACH Act and its relevance to archives.
    • Copyright and Cultural Institutions: Guidelines for Digitization for U.S. Libraries, Archives, and Museums 

      Hirtle, Peter B.; Hudson, Emily; Kenyon, Andrew T. (Cornell University Library, 2009-10)
      The development of new digital technologies has led to fundamental changes in the ways that cultural institutions fulfill their public missions of access, preservation, research, and education. Many institutions are ...
    • Copyright Infringement on the Docket 

      Hirtle, Peter B. (Society of American Archivists, 2012-05)
      A description and analysis of two copyright infringement suits, Pearse-Hocker v. Firelight Media and Pearse-Hocker v. USA. It stresses the need to work closely with donors when crafting a deed of gift and then carefully ...
    • Copyright Management in Library Publishing 

      Dietrich, Dianne; Hirtle, Peter B. (Cornell University Library, 2011-11-03)
      Both the Library and its staff benefit when the staff’s expertise is shared with others through publication. But how can potential authors manage their copyrights to maximize the benefits that arise from appearing in print? ...
    • Copyright Renewal, Copyright Restoration, and the Difficulty of Determining Copyright Status 

      Hirtle, Peter B. (2008-06-07)
      It has long been known that most of the works published from 1923 to 1964 in the US are currently in the public domain. Both non-profit and commercial digital libraries have dreamed of making this material available. ...
    • Digital Preservation and Copyright 

      Hirtle, Peter B. (Stanford Fair Use Web Site, 2003-11)
      This article discusses provisions in US Copyright law which regulate the preservation of digital materials. In particular, Hirtle examines Sections 117, 108 and 107. Hirtle also looks at ongoing efforts to archive the ...
    • The impact of digitization on special collections in libraries 

      Hirtle, Peter B. (University of Texas Press, 2002)
      Digitization has brought significant benefit to the users of special collections. It will also challenge the relative value given to paper originals of rare materials as digital holdings increase. Special collections will ...
    • The Impact of the Librarian of Congress's Rulemaking on the Digital Millennium Copyright Act 

      Hirtle, Peter B. (Research Libraries Group, 2003-12-15)
      A discussion of the impact that the 2003 rulemaking by the Librarian of Congress on the Digital Millennium Copyright Act's anticircumvention provisions will have on the ability of libraries and archives to preserve ...
    • Learning to live with risk 

      Hirtle, Peter B. (ARLIS UK & Ireland, 2012)
      How can cultural heritage institutions use new technologies to improve access to holdings for remote users when so much material is protected by copyright and the repository is normally not the copyright owner? Many ...
    • Research, Libraries, and Fair Use: The Gentlemen's Agreement of 1935 

      Hirtle, Peter B. (2006-03-20)
      The Gentlemen's Agreement of 1935 was a voluntary agreement that set guidelines for the limits of acceptable reproduction of copyrighted materials on behalf of scholars. Developed in response to the challenge posed by the ...
    • Review of Complete Copyright, The Librarian's Copyright Companion, and Copyright for Archivists and Users of Archives 

      Hirtle, Peter B. (Society of American Archivists, 2005)
      A review of two new books on copyright for librarians and one book on copyright for English archivists. The author suggests that while the first two books are intended for librarians, they may still be useful to American ...
    • Unpublished Materials, New Technologies, and Copyright: Facilitating Scholarly Use 

      Hirtle, Peter B. (Copyright Society of the USA, 2001)
      The paper is divided into three parts. The first part explores why, at least with regard to the use of unpublished materials, current interpretations of copyright law have become an impediment to creative endeavors rather ...