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    • Recursion as a Programming Tool 

      Gries, David (Cornell University, 1975-04)
    • The Seven-Eleven Problem 

      Pritchard, Paul; Gries, David (Cornell University, 1983-09)
    • Some Ideas on Data Types in High Level Languages 

      Gries, David; Gehani, Narain (Cornell University, 1975-05)
      WE explore some new and old ideas concerning data types; what a data type is, overloading operators, when and how implicit conversions between programmer data types should be allowed and so forth. The current notion that ...
    • Sorting and Searching Using Controlled Density Arrays 

      Melville, Robert C.; Gries, David (Cornell University, 1978-12)
      Algorithms like insertion sort run slowly because of costly shifting of array elements when a value is inserted or deleted. The amount of shifting, however, can be reduced by leaving gaps - unused array locations into ...
    • Swapping Sections 

      Gries, David; Mills, Harlan (Cornell University, 1981-01)
    • Teaching Math More Effectively, Through the Design of Calculational Proofs 

      Gries, David; Schneider, Fred B. (Cornell University, 1994-03)
      Lower-level college math courses usually avoid using formalism, in both definitions and proofs. Later, when students have mastered definitions and proofs written largely in English, they may be shown how informal reasoning ...
    • Trace-Based Network Proof Systems: Expressiveness and Completeness 

      Widom, Jennifer; Gries, David; Schneider, Fred B. (Cornell University, 1989-02)
      We consider incomplete trace-based network proof systems for safety properties, identifying extensions that are necessary and sufficient to achieve relative completeness. We then consider the expressiveness required of ...
    • Type Definitions in Polya 

      Volpano, Dennis M.; Gries, David (Cornell University, 1990-01)
      The programming language Polya maintains a clear separation between a type and its implementation through a new construct called the transform. Polya allows user to define their own data types and transforms to implement ...
    • What Programmers Don't and Should Know 

      Gries, David (Cornell University, 1987-09)