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    • Japanese Performing Arts Resource Center, September 2005 

      Global Performing Arts Consortium; Brazell, Karen; Bethe, Monica; Fang, Tang; Wong, Mien; Lento, Thomas; McKee, Kumiko; Young, Joshua; Specter, Susan; Atkins, Paul (1999)
      This is an archive copy, from September 2005, of the Japanese Performing Arts Resource Center prototype. The Global Performing Arts Consortium (GloPAC) is beginning to develop Performing Arts Resource Centers (PARCs), ...
    • Subtitled Video of Noh Theatre Performance of Yamanba, 1999, kuse section 

      Bethe, Monica; Brazell, Karen; Global Performing Arts Consortium (2006-07-25)
      Subtitled video clip of the final section of the kuse dance in the noh play Yamanba. Performance by Izumi Yoshio, 1999, Atsuta Shrine Stage. Subtitles in English and Japanese by Global Performing Art Consortium.
    • Subtitled Video of Noh Theatre Performance of Yorimasa, 1932 

      Nogami Memorial Noh Theatre Research Institute; Global Performing Arts Consortium (2006-07-25)
      A clip of selections of a 1932 performance of the noh play Yorimasa. The video has been annotated with a sound track, by the Nogami Memorial Noh Theatre Research Institute, and subtitled Japanese transcription and English ...