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    • Superhydrophilic and solvent resistant coatings on polypropylene fabrics by a simple deposition process 

      Fang, J.; Kelarakis, A.; Estevez, L.; Wang, Y.; Rodriguez, R.; Giannelis, E.P. (ROYAL SOC CHEMISTRY, 2010-02-01)
      A simple, yet general coating method to plasma treated polymeric substrates is presented. The method is based on electrostatic interactions between the surface functionalized nanoparticles and the charged substrate and ...
    • The synthesis and properties of nanoscale ionic materials 

      Rodriguez, R.; Herrera, R.; Bourlinos, A.; Li, R.; Amassian, A.; Archer, L.A.; Giannelis, E.P. (John Wiley & Sons, Ltd., 2010-02-17)
      In this article we discuss the effect of constituents on structure, flow, and thermal properties of nanoscale ionic materials (NIMs). NIMs are a new class of nanohybrids consisting of a nanometer-sized core, a charged ...