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    • Maintaining Availability in Partitioned Replicated Databases 

      El Abbadi, Amr; Toueg, Sam (Cornell University, 1987-08)
      In a replicated database, a data item may have copies residing on several sites. A replica control protocol is necessary to ensure that data items with several copies behave as if they consist of a single copy, as far as ...
    • A Paradigm for Concurrency Control Protocols for Distributed Databases 

      El Abbadi, Amr (Cornell University, 1987-08)
      In this thesis, we present a paradigm for concurrency control protocols for distributed replicated databases. This paradigm presents a framework for both developing and analyzing concurrency control protocols, especially ...
    • Resilient Communication Structures for Local Area Networks 

      El Abbadi, Amr; Rauchle, Thomas (Cornell University, 1984-12)
      Reliable communication is crucial to the correct functioning of distributed systems. We propose a multi-ring communication structure and a reconfiguration algorithm that tolerate multiple link failures before the network ...