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    • The Edinburgh Goldsmiths II: Biographical Information for Freemen, Apprentices and Journeymen 

      Dietert, Rodney R.; Dietert, Janice M. (2010-12-21)
      This book provides biographical information on the goldsmiths of Edinburgh emphasizing those connected to the Incorporation of Goldsmiths for the City of Edinburgh. It is novel in that the scope of the book extends beyond ...
    • Energy Medicine and the Path to Globally-Sustainable Health 

      Dietert, Rodney R.; Jonsson, Melissa Joy; Mengistu, Kidest; Dietert, Janice M. (Cornell University, 2013-03-04)
      This paper provides key points regarding the significance of energy medicine, a category of complementary and alternative medicine, to a global healthcare approach that is accessible, inclusive, individually-tailored, ...