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    • Computation of Aliases and Support Sets 

      Neirynck, Anne; Panangaden, Prakash; Demers, Alan J. (Cornell University, 1986-07)
      When programs are intended for parallel execution it becomes critical to determine whether the evaluations of two expressions can be carried out independently. We provide a scheme for making such determinations in a ...
    • Determining Logical Dependency in a Decision Procedure for Equality 

      Krafft, Dean B.; Demers, Alan J. (Cornell University, 1981-04)
      Several existing program verification and automated prooff systems make use of similar decision procedures for equality ([Krafft 1978], [Nelson and Oppen 1977] and [Downey, Sethi and Tarjan 1980]). The general method ...
    • An Efficient Algorithm for Testing Losslessness of Joins in Relational Data Bases 

      Liu, Lishing; Demers, Alan J. (Cornell University, 1978-09)
      Answering queries in a relational database model often requires the computation of joins of relations. Losslessness of joins is an important property for joins of relations to be semantically meaningful. In this paper ...
    • An Informal Description of Russell 

      Boehm, Hans-J.; Demers, Alan J.; Donahue, James E. (Cornell University, 1980-09)
    • Making Variables Abstract: An Equational Theory for Russell 

      Demers, Alan J.; Donahue, James E. (Cornell University, 1982-01)
    • A Model and Temporal proof system for Networks of Processes 

      Nguyen, Van Long; Demers, Alan J.; Gries, David; Owicki, Susan S. (Cornell University, 1985-06)
      An approach is presented for modeling networks of processes that communicate exclusively through message passing. A process (or a network) is defined by its set of possible behaviors, where each behavior is an abstraction ...
    • On Encryption Systems Realized by Finite Transducers 

      Demers, Alan J.; Kelemen, C.; Reusch, Bernd (Cornell University, 1976-10)
    • Optimizing Response Time For Distributed Applications In Public Clouds 

      Zou, Tao (2015-01-26)
      An increasing number of distributed data-driven applications are moving into public clouds. By sharing resources and operating at large scale, public clouds promise higher utilization and lower costs than private clusters. ...
    • The Russell Semantics: An Exercise in Abstract Data Types 

      Demers, Alan J.; Donahue, James E. (Cornell University, 1980-09)
    • Safety Without Stuttering 

      Alpern, Bowen; Demers, Alan J.; Schneider, Fred B. (Cornell University, 1985-10)
      A new formalization of safety properties is given. The formalization agrees with the informal definition - that a safety property stipulates that some "bad thing" doesn't happen during execution - for properties that are ...
    • Some Comments on Functional Self-Reducibility and the NP Hierarchy 

      Borodin, Allan B.; Demers, Alan J. (Cornell University, 1976-07)
      In Valiant [11] and Schnorr [9], concepts of "functional self-reducibility" are introduced and investigated. We concentrate on the class NP and on the NP hierarchy of Meyer and Stockmeyer [7] to further investigate these ...
    • Sublinear-Space Evaluation Algorithms for Attribute Grammars 

      Reps, Thomas; Demers, Alan J. (Cornell University, 1984-08)
      The chief hindrance to the widespread adoption of attribute-grammar-based systems has been that they are profligate consumers of storage. This paper concerns new storage management techniques that reduce the amount of ...