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    • Apple rootstock problems and potentials 

      Cummins, James; Norton, Richard (New York State Agricultural Experiment Station, 1974-05)
      This publication is designed to assist the grower in anticipating problems which can occur with higher density orchards; such anticipation should enable the grower to avoid these pitfalls, to minimize the total effects ...
    • Growing and processing the Wayne apple 

      Way, Roger; Cummins, James; LaBelle, Robert; Einset, J. (New York State Agricultural Experiment Station, 1973-04)
      Although several years of commercial experience have revealed some substantial problems in growing Wayne, it nevertheless has outstanding potential when properly managed in the orchard and handled for processing. Wayne ...
    • Tree-raising on the fruit farm- an essay on management 

      Cummins, James (New York Agricultural Experiment Station, 1972-06)
      "Should I raise the trees myself to replant the North Hill block, or should I borrow the money to buy trees from the nursery?" Many commercial apple growers are asking themselves questions of this sort as they are faced ...