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    • Simple, Efficient Object Encoding using Intersection Types 

      Crary, Karl (Cornell University, 1998-04)
      I present a type-theoretic encoding of objects that interprets method dispatch by self-application (i.e., method functions are applied to the objects containing them) but still validates the expected subtyping relationships. ...
    • Type-Theoretic Methodology for Practical Programming Languages 

      Crary, Karl (Cornell University, 1998-08)
      The significance of type theory to the theory of programming languages has long been recognized. Advances in programming languages have often derived from understanding that stems from type theory. However, these ...
    • Typed Memory Management in a Calculus of Capabilities 

      Walker, David; Crary, Karl; Morrisett, Greg (Cornell University, 2000-02-02)
      Region-based memory management is an alternative to standard tracing garbage collection that makes potentially dangerous operations such as memory deallocation explicit but verifiably safe. In this article, we present a ...