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    • Polyglot: An Extensible Compiler Framework for Java 

      Nystrom, Nathaniel; Clarkson, Michael R.; Myers, Andrew C. (Cornell University, 2002-11-05)
      Polyglot is an extensible compiler framework that supports the easy creation of compilers for languages similar to Java, while avoiding code duplication. The Polyglot framework is useful for domain-specific languages, ...
    • Quantification of Integrity 

      Clarkson, Michael R.; Schneider, Fred B. (2011-01-12)
      Three integrity measures are introduced: contamination, channel suppression, and program suppression. Contamination is a measure of how much untrusted information reaches trusted outputs; it is the dual of leakage, which ...
    • Quantifying Information Flow with Beliefs 

      Clarkson, Michael R.; Myers, Andrew C.; Schneider, Fred B. (Cornell University, 2007-03-01)
      To reason about information flow, a new model is developed that describes how attacker beliefs change due to the attacker's observation of the execution of a probabilistic (or deterministic) program. The model enables ...