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    • Electroworming : The behaviors of Caenorhabditis (C.) elegans in DC and AC electric fields 

      Chuang, Han-Sheng; Raizen, David; Dabbish, Nooreen; Bau, Haim (2010-10-15)
      The video showcases how C. elegans worms respond to DC and AC electrical stimulations. Gabel et al (2007) demonstrated that in the presence of DC and low frequency AC fields, worms of stage L2 and larger propel themselves ...
    • Light Enabled Droplet Manipulations 

      Chuang, Han-Sheng; Kumar, Aloke; Wereley, Steven (2009-10-16)
      This fluid dynamics video showcases how optically induced electrowetting can be used to manipulate liquid droplets in open space and particulate phases inside the droplet. A photoconductive layer is added to a conventional ...