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    • Information-Flow Security for Interactive Programs 

      O'Neill, Kevin R.; Clarkson, Michael R.; Chong, Stephen (Cornell University, 2006-04-17)
      Interactive programs allow users to engage in input and output throughout execution. The ubiquity of such programs motivates the development of models for reasoning about their information-flow security, yet no such ...
    • Scalable Extensibility via Nested Inheritance 

      Nystrom, Nathaniel; Chong, Stephen; Myers, Andrew (Cornell University, 2004-08-04)
      Inheritance is a useful mechanism for factoring and reusing code. However, it has limitations for building extensible systems. We describe nested inheritance, a mechanism that addresses some of the limitations of ordinary ...
    • Secure web applications via automatic partitioning 

      Chong, Stephen; Liu, Jed; Myers, Andrew C.; Qi, Xin; Vikram, K.; Zheng, Lantian; Zheng, Xin (Cornell University, 2007-03-28)
      Web applications are now critical infrastructure. To improve the user interface, some application functionality is typically implemented as client-side JavaScript code. Currently there are no good methods for deciding ...