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    • Mixing and Mapping Metadata to Provide Integrated Access to Digital Library Collections: An Activity Report 

      Calhoun, Karen; Turner, Tom; Brodsky, Meryl; Kozak, George; Kurth, Marty; Muratori, Fred; Ruddy, David; Chandler, Sarah Young (National Institute of Informatics, 2001-10-25)
      Reports work in progress to implement integrated access to multiple digital collections described with a variety of metadata formats. Using the emerging resource discovery and digital library management system, ENCompass, ...
    • Outcomes of digital libraries' first decade 

      Calhoun, Karen (Karen Calhoun, 2013-09-16)
      This chapter of Exploring Digital Libraries identifies and discusses a set of significant outcomes from the first decade of digital library research and practice (1991 to 2001). It describes accomplishments that set the ...
    • The prospects of open access repositories 

      Calhoun, Karen (Karen Calhoun, 2013-09-16)
      This chapter of Exploring Digital Libraries focuses on the potential of open access repositories for having a distinctive positive impact on scholarship and, more broadly, on their prospects for increasing the social and ...
    • Report for the Library of Congress: Preliminaries 

      Calhoun, Karen (2006-04-27)
      Briefly introduces the author's report for the Library of Congress on the future of the catalog and its integration with other discovery systems. Prepared for the Endeavor EndUser annual meeting and presented April 22, ...
    • Social roles of digital libraries 

      Calhoun, Karen (Karen Calhoun, 2013-09-16)
      This chapter of Exploring Digital Libraries examines the social value of digital libraries. It begins by exploring past and present understandings of the value of libraries to their communities. Taking a well-known framework ...
    • Technology, Process Redesign, and the Evolving Role of Technical Services 

      Calhoun, Karen; Wicks, Scott (2004-06-27)
      Discusses the reorganization of technical services and development of tools (including CUL's Integrated Tool for Selection and Ordering (ITSO CUL) acquisitions tool) at Cornell University Library to create efficiencies for ...
    • Toppling the Monolith: Modularity in Next Generation Integrated Library Systems 

      Calhoun, Karen; Stewart-Marshall, Zoe; Chandler, Adam (2006-06-02)
      Drawing on recent presentations and panel discussions at the 2006 Endeavor EndUser conference, the III Director's Forum, and the University of Kentucky, Zoe, Adam and Karen will speculate on the future of the integrated ...
    • User-Centered Services: Information Experts, Interface and Content in the Virtual Library 

      Calhoun, Karen (2005-03-18)
      Discusses the need for closely tying together library operations and services so their connection appears seamless to the library user.