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    • A Parallel Ordering for the Block Jacobi Method on a Hypercube Architecture 

      Bischof, Christian H. (Cornell University, 1986-03)
      Jacobi methods for computing the singular value decomposition are ideally suited for multiprocessor environments since they contain a great deal of inherent parallelism. We give a parallel ordering for the block Jacobi ...
    • QR Factorization Algorithms for Coarse-Grained Distributed Systems 

      Bischof, Christian H. (Cornell University, 1988-08)
      We present the techniques of adaptive blocking and incremental condition estimation which we believe to be useful for the computation of common matrix decompositions in high-performance environments. We apply these new ...
    • The WY Representation for Products of Householder Matrices 

      Bischof, Christian H.; Van Loan, Charles (Cornell University, 1985-12)
      A new way to represent products of Householder matrices is given that makes a typical Householder matrix algorithm rich in matrix-matrix multiplication. This is very desirable in that matrix-matrix multiplication is the ...