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    • Uniform Actions in Asynchronous Distributed Systems 

      Malki, Dalia; Birman, Kenneth P.; Ricciardi, Aleta M.; Schiper, Andre (Cornell University, 1994-09)
      We develop necessary conditions for the development of asynchronous distributed software that will perform {\em uniform} actions (events that if performed by any process, must be performed at all processes). The paper ...
    • Using $\cal SEEK$ for Multi-Channel Pattern Recognition 

      Birman, Kenneth P. (Cornell University, 1982-10)
      Our work on computerized analysis of the 2-channel, 24-hr electrocardiogram has resulted in the development of multi-channel signal processing systems that learn by observation. In this paper a new tool for implementing ...
    • Using the ISIS Resource Manager for Distributed, Fault-Tolerant Computing 

      Clark, Timothy; Birman, Kenneth P. (Cornell University, 1992-06)
      Under the current versions of the UNIXtm operating system, it is difficult to take advantage of the massive computing power of idle or lightly-loaded workstations on a network. This paper introduces the ISIS Resource ...