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    • The Arab Winter: Oil, Wealth, and Declining Science 

      Barazangi, Muawia (Internet-First University Press, 2013-09-12)
      There is no Arab Spring, not now and not for decades, and really for centuries.
    • A crustal transect across the Oman Mountains on the eastern margin of Arabia 

      Al-Lazki, Ali; Seber, Dogan; Sandvol, Eric; Barazangi, Muawia (Gulf Petrolink, 2002)
      The unique tectonic setting of the Oman Mountains and the Semail Ophiolite, together with ongoing hydrocarbon exploration, have focused geological research on the sedimentary and ophiolite stratigraphy of Oman. However, ...
    • Deformation Across The Seismic Cycle In Tectonically Active Regions: Imaging, Modeling, And Interpretations 

      Barnhart, William (2013-05-26)
      I mages of surface displacements in response to tectonic forces can provide independent, spatially dense observations that assist in understanding sub-surface processes. When considered independently or augmented with more ...
    • Design and development of information systems for the geosciences: An application to the Middle East 

      Seber, Dogan; Steer, David; Sandvol, Eric; Sandvol, Christine; Brindisi, Carrie; Barazangi, Muawia (Gulf Petrolink, 2000)
      As our understanding grows of how the Earth functions as a complex system of myriad interrelated mechanisms, it becomes clear that a revolutionary and novel approach is needed to study and understand it. In order to take ...
    • Engineering: Cornell Quarterly, Vol.27, No.3/4 (Spring/Summer 1993): Probing Earth's Processes 

      Isacks, Bryan L.; Hale,Richard; Thomas, Robert J.; Fish, Michele D.; Brown, Larry D.; Barazangi, Muawia; Bird, John M.; Cathles, Lawrence M., III; Hauser, Ernest C.; Bassett, William A.; White, William M.; Turcotte, Donald L. (Internet-First University Press, 1993)
      IN THIS ISSUE: Probing Earth's Processes /2 (Cornell geologists travel far and wide, interpreting subtle clues to learn how the earth works.) ... Mountains, Climate, and Global Change /3 (Mountain ranges affect weather and ...
    • Geologic and Strategic Comments on Oil Resources in the Arabian Gulf Region 

      Barazangi, Muawia (2007-04-06)
      Peak oil production in the Middle East's Arabian/Persian Gulf region and worldwide could be delayed if major multinational and national oil companies would invest more heavily in drilling and extraction technologies and ...
    • Recollections by Sidney Kaufman 

      Kaufman, Sidney; Brice, William; Barazangi, Muawia; Hade, George (Internet-First University Press, 2003-06-26)
      A career with Shell Oil, then back to Cornell, Sid Kaufman remained a constant in the life of the Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, teaching and leading from the 1970's through his second retirement and until ...
    • Regional seismic wave propagation (Lg and Sn) and Pn attenuation in the Arabian Plate and surrounding regions 

      Al-Damegh, Khaled; Sandvol, Eric; Al-Lazki, Ali; Barazangi, Muawia (Blackwell Publishing, 2004)
      Continuous recordings of 17 broadband and short period digital seismic stations from a newly established seismological network in Saudi Arabia, along with digital recordings from the broadband stations of the GSN, MEDNET, ...
    • Tectonic and geologic evolution of Syria 

      Brew, Graham; Barazangi, Muawia; Al-Maleh, K.; Sawaf, T. (Gulf Petrolink, 2001)
      Using extensive surface and subsurface data, we have synthesized the Phanerozoic tectonic and geologic evolution of Syria that has important implications for eastern Mediterranean tectonic studies and the strategies for ...
    • Tectonic evolution of northeast Syria: Implications for regional tectonics and hydrocarbons 

      Brew, Graham; Litak, Robert; Barazangi, Muawia; Sawaf, T.; Zaza, T. (Gulf Petrolink, 1999)
      We present the Phanerozoic tectonic evolution of northeast Syria and incorporate the results into regional deformation models of the northern Arabian Platform and nearby Arabian Plate boundaries. Based on analysis of ...