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    • Pre-Processing Environment Maps for Dynamic Hardware Shadows 

      Arbree, Adam; Walter, Bruce; Bala, Kavita (Cornell University, 2005-07-09)
      Environment maps are a popular method of reproducing complex natural lighting. However, current methods for hardware environment map shadows depend on significant pre-computation and cannot support dynamic objects. This ...
    • A radiative transfer framework for rendering materials with anisotropic structure 

      Jakob, Wenzel; Arbree, Adam; Moon, Jonathan T.; Bala, Kavita; Marschner, Steve (2010-04-30)
      The radiative transfer framework that underlies all current rendering of volumes is limited to scattering media whose properties are invariant to rotation. Many systems allow for "anisotropic scattering," in the sense ...
    • Scalable And Heterogeneous Rendering Of Subsurface Scattering Materials 

      Arbree, Adam (2009-10-14)
      In many natural materials, such as skin, minerals, and plastics, light scatters inside the material and gives them their distinctive appearance. The accurate reproduction of these materials requires new rendering algorithms ...