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    • 'Freedom' A New Disease-Resistant Apple 

      Lamb, Robert; Aldwinckle, Herb; Terry, David (New York State Agricultural Experiment Station, 1983)
      A second disease-resistant apple from the New York State Agricultural Experiment Station has been named 'Freedom'. This apple has been grown without any disease-controlling sprays for 23 years at Geneva. Apple scab, ...
    • LIBERTY, a new disease resistant apple 

      Lamb, Robert; Aldwinckle, Herb; Way, Roger; Terry, David (New York State Agricultural Experiment Station, 1978-08)
      At first, the objective of this project was resistance to apple scab only, but it soon became clear that when apples were grown without any chemical disease control, the other major diseases (cedar apple rust, fire ...
    • Statewide survey for streptomycin-resistant fire blight in orchards 

      Cox, Kerik; Aldwinckle, Herb; Carroll, Julie; Burr, Thomas (New York State IPM Program, 2012)
      Streptomycin is the industry standard for managing fire blight on apples and pears. In 2002, streptomycin-resistance was confirmed in Wayne County and eradicated through prompt action. In October 2011, streptomycin-resistance ...