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    • Revisiting the Weakest Failure Detector for Uniform Reliable Broadcast 

      Aguilera, Marcos Kawazoe; Toueg, Sam; Deianov, Borislav (Cornell University, 1999-04)
      Uniform Reliable Broadcast (URB) is a communication primitive that requires that if a process delivers a message, then all correct processes also deliver this message. A recent PODC paper [HR99] uses Knowledge Theory to ...
    • A Simple Bivalency Proof that t-Resilient Consensus Requires t+1 Rounds 

      Aguilera, Marcos Kawazoe; Toueg, Sam (Cornell University, 1998-09)
      We use a straightforward bivalency argument borrowed from [FLP85] to show that in a synchronous system with up to t crash failures solving consensus requires at least t+1 rounds. The proof is simpler and more intuitive ...