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    • Insight into Theorem Proving via Eye Movements 

      Aaron, Eric; Spivey, Michael (Cornell University, 1999-02)
      We are implementing an automated theorem proving system that will in part attempt to simulate human per-formance on calculational logic. To support this project, we recorded and analyzed people's eye movements while they ...
    • Justifying Calculational Logic by a Conventional Metalinguistic Semantics 

      Aaron, Eric; Allen, Stuart (Cornell University, 1999-09)
      We provide a metalinguistic formalization of calculational logic, an alternative to higher-order logic for escaping the restrictions of first-order logic. We show that conventional semantic techniques can provide an ...
    • Tactic-Based Modeling of Cognitive Inference on Logically StructuredNotation 

      Aaron, Eric (Cornell University, 2000-09-06)
      Computational (algorithmic) models of high-level cognitive inference tasks such as logical inference, mathematical inference, and decision making can have both theoretical and practical impact. They can improve our theoretical ...