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    • Confidentiality and Integrity with Untrusted Hosts: Technical Report 

      Zdancewic, Steve; Myers, Andrew C. (Cornell University, 2000-08-22)
      Several security-typed languages have recently been proposed to enforce security properties such as confidentiality or integrity by type checking. We propose a new security-typed language, SPL@, that addresses two important ...
    • Principals in Programming Languages: Technical Results 

      Zdancewic, Steve; Grossman, Dan (Cornell University, 1999-06)
      This is the companion technical report for ``Principals in Programming Languages'' [20]. See that document for a more readable version of these results. In this paper, we describe two variants of the simply typed ...
    • Secure Program Partitioning 

      Zdancewic, Steve; Zheng, Lantian; Nystrom, Nathaniel; Myers, Andrew (Cornell University, 2001-10-18)
      This paper presents secure program partitioning, a language-based technique for protecting confidential data during computation in distributed systems containing mutually untrusted hosts. Confidentiality and integrity ...