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    • Polyglot: An Extensible Compiler Framework for Java 

      Nystrom, Nathaniel; Clarkson, Michael R.; Myers, Andrew C. (Cornell University, 2002-11-05)
      Polyglot is an extensible compiler framework that supports the easy creation of compilers for languages similar to Java, while avoiding code duplication. The Polyglot framework is useful for domain-specific languages, ...
    • Scalable Extensibility via Nested Inheritance 

      Nystrom, Nathaniel; Chong, Stephen; Myers, Andrew (Cornell University, 2004-08-04)
      Inheritance is a useful mechanism for factoring and reusing code. However, it has limitations for building extensible systems. We describe nested inheritance, a mechanism that addresses some of the limitations of ordinary ...
    • Secure Program Partitioning 

      Zdancewic, Steve; Zheng, Lantian; Nystrom, Nathaniel; Myers, Andrew (Cornell University, 2001-10-18)
      This paper presents secure program partitioning, a language-based technique for protecting confidential data during computation in distributed systems containing mutually untrusted hosts. Confidentiality and integrity ...