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    • Derivation of a Maximally Parallel Algorithm for Balancing Binary Search Trees 

      Moitra, Abha; Iyengar, S. Sitharama (Cornell University, 1984-09)
      A recent trend in program methodologies is to derive efficient parallel programs from sequential programs. This paper explores the question of transforming a sequential algorithm into an efficient parallel algorithm by ...
    • Discussion of Parallel Algorithms 

      Moitra, Abha; Iyengar, S. Sitharama (Cornell University, 1986-06)
      In recent years we have witnessed a tremendous surge in the availability of very fast and inexpensive hardware. However, our ability to design fast and cheap hardware far outstrips our ability to utilize them effectively ...
    • Multilevel Data Structures Models and Performance 

      Moitra, Abha; Iyengar, S. Sitharama; Bastani, F.; Yen, I. (Cornell University, 1985-05)
      We advocate a stepwise method of deriving high performance implementation of a set of operations. This method is based on the ability to organize the data into a multilevel data structure so as to provide an efficient ...