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    • Awaq nawin: el ojo del tejedor, la practica de la cultura en el tejido 

      Isbell, Billie Jean; Franquemont, Christine; Franquemont, Edward M. (Cusco : Centro de Estudios Rurales Andinos, Bartolom? de Las Casas, 1992-07)
    • Culture Confronts Nature in the Dialectical World of the Tropics 

      Isbell, Billie Jean (New York Academy of Science, 1982)
      As an anthropologist, I would like to suggest that the tropics provide a perceptual environment that promotes and enhances a particular 'science of the concrete, whereby perceived order in the environment is the basis for ...
    • De inmaduro a duro: lo simbolico femenino y los esquemas andinos de genero 

      Isbell, Billie Jean (Biblioteca Andina, 1997)
      My motivation for writing this chapter is to call attention to a 'Feminine Symbolic' that I believe constitutes the core of Andean conceptualizations of gender. The argument that I will present is as follows: The feminine, ...
    • Negotiating Hybridity: Moral Economy And Globalization In Highland Bolivia 

      Walsh-Dilley, Marygold (2012-05-27)
      The norms and practices of reciprocity, or ayni in the Quechua language, deeply influence social and economic life among indigenous peasants in Andean Bolivia, both historically and in the contemporary period. Yet, integration ...
    • The Ontogenesis of Metaphor: Riddle Games among Quechua Speakers Seen as Cognitive Discovery Procedures 

      Isbell, Billie Jean; Roncalla, Fredy Amilcar (UCLA Latin American Center., 1977)
      Metaphor, it is argued, plays an important function in cognitive and semantic development of Quechua-speaking children who engage in riddle games. It appears that riddling among the Quechua functions as a discovery procedure ...
    • Public Secrets from Peru 

      Isbell, Billie Jean (2005-09-14)
      In deciding to create a drama about violence in Peru, I have moved away from the usual academic discourse into the arena of performance. I have made this move for a number of reasons: foremost is my desire that English-speaking ...
    • To Defend Ourselves, Ecology & Ritual in an Andean Village 

      Isbell, Billie Jean (2005-08-05)
      The ethnography, To Defend Ourselves, describes a series of rituals that maintain social structure and practices in the community of Chuschi, Peru. It was first published in 1978, with a second edition published in 1985 ...
    • Violence in Peru: Performances and Dialogues 

      Isbell, Billie Jean (American Anthropologist, 1998)
      I wish not only to influence my readers' perceptions of the political violence that has shaken Peru in the last decade and a half, but also to transform the relationship of researchers to such events and the rules of ...