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    • A Decision-Theoretic Approach to Resource Allocation in WirelessMultimedia Networks 

      Haas, Zygmunt; Halpern, Joseph Y.; Li, Li; Wicker, Stephen (Cornell University, 2000-03-16)
      The allocation of scarce spectral resources to support as many user applications as possible while maintaining reasonable quality of service is a fundamental problem in wireless communication. We argue that the problem ...
    • Gossip-Based Ad Hoc Routing 

      Haas, Zygmunt; Halpern, Joseph Y.; Li, Li (Cornell University, 2001-08-09)
      Many ad hoc routing protocols are based on(some variant of) flooding. Despite various optimizations, many routing messages are propagated unnecessarily. We propose a gossiping-based approach to reduce the overhead of the ...
    • Securing Ad Hoc Networks 

      Zhou, Lidong; Haas, Zygmunt (Cornell University, 1999-10)
      Ad hoc networks are a new wireless networking paradigm for mobile hosts. Unlike traditional mobile wireless networks, ad hoc networks do not rely on any fixed infrastructure. Instead, hosts rely on each other to keep the ...