FRB Newsletter Issue 05 -- January 2020

Total FRB count: 118
Repeaters: 21

From the editors:

Welcome back, and let us be among the last to wish you a happy new year! 2020 is off to a running start with a new FRB localization, more repeating FRBs from CHIME, and so much more.

Papers of interest

Host Galaxies and Localizations Observational Results
  • Repeating Fast Radio Bursts with WSRT/Apertif; Oostrum et al., arXiv:1912.12217
  • Wandering Massive Black Holes or Analogs of the First Repeating Fast Radio Burst? Eftekhari et al., arXiv:2001.02688
  • Nine New Repeating Fast Radio Burst Sources from CHIME/FRB; Fonseca et al., arXiv:2001.03595
  • STARE2: Detecting Fast Radio Bursts in the Milky Way; Bochenek et al., arXiv:2001.05077
Theory and Modeling
  • The Impact of the Environment of White Dwarf Mergers on Fast Radio Bursts; Kundu & Ferrario, arXiv:1912.08287
  • The Nearby Luminous Transient AT2018cow: A Magnetar Formed in a Sub-relativistically Expanding Non-jetted Explosion; Mohan, An, & Yang, arXiv:1911.11912

    "An interesting consequence of this class of newly formed magnetars associated with fast rising blue optical transients is the production of fast radio bursts from the magnetar interaction with the magnetized environment. This may provide a new understanding of FRBs..."

  • Characterizing Fast Radio Bursts Through Statistical Cross-correlations; Rafiei-Ravandi, Smith, & Masui, arXiv:1912.09520
  • Imprint of Local Environment on Fast Radio Burst Observations; Lu & Phinney, arXiv:1912.12241
  • Fast Radio Bursts from Reconnection in Magnetar Magnetosphere; Lyubarsky, arXiv:2001.02007
  • The Effects of Plasma Lensing on the Inferred Dispersion Measures of Fast Radio Bursts; Xinzhong Er, Yuanpei Yang, Adam Rogers, arXiv:2001.02100
From the Astronomer's Telegram
  • FRB 191223 found at UTMOST, with a DM=665 pc cm^-3 and at a Galactic latitude of -32.7 degrees (ATel 13363).
  • ASKAP detection of FRB 191228 with a DM=298 pc cm^-3 and at a Galactic latitude of -64.9 degrees (ATel 13376).
Relevant job listings

-- Bolton Research Scientist, CSIRO, Perth or Sydney, Australia, AAS Job Register.
-- Lecturer in radio astronomy at the Jodrell Bank Centre for Astrophysics, University of Manchester, UK, AAS Job Register.
-- Postdoctoral Fellowships in FRB science and Multi-messenger Gravity in the High Energy Physics, Cosmology & Astrophysics Theory (HEPCAT) group, University of Cape Town, South Africa, Listing 1 (PDF); Listing 2 (PDF). Contact Amanda Weltman.

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