FRB Newsletter Issue 04 -- December 2019

Total FRB count: 107
Repeaters: 12

From the editors:

Welcome to the last 2019 issue of the FRB Newsletter. We have quite a few observational results and modeling / interpretation papers to round out the year. Merry Christmas, happy holidays, and a happy new year to all our readers - we'll be back in 2020.

Papers of interest

Observational Results
  • AGILE Observations of Two Repeating Fast Radio Bursts with Small Intrinsic Dispersion Measure; Casentini et al., arXiv:1911.10189
  • Strong Excess Faraday Rotation on the Inside of the Sagittarius Spiral Arm; Shanahan et al., arXiv:1911.08536

    "This has implications for models of the Galactic magnetic field and the expected amount of Faraday rotation of Fast Radio Bursts from their host galaxies."

  • Search for Fast Radio Bursts in the Direction of the Galaxies M31 and M33; Fedorova and Rodin, arXiv:1912.00179
  • Scale-invariance in the repeating fast radio burst 121102; Hai-Nan Lin, Yu Sang, arXiv:1912.01191
  • A LOFAR Radio Search for Single and Periodic Pulses from M31; van Leeuwen et al., arXiv:1911.11228
  • Which Bright Fast Radio Bursts Repeat? James et al., arXiv:1912.07847
  • A Cumulative Search for Hard X/Gamma-ray Emission Associated with Fast Radio Bursts in Fermi/GBM Data; Martone et al., arXiv:1909.07165
  • A Search for Gamma-ray Prompt Emission Associated with the Lorimer Burst FRB010724; Guidorzi et al., arXiv:1907.08386
Theory and Modeling
  • Fast Radio Bursts Not Made By Neutron Stars; J. I. Katz, arXiv:1912.00526
  • Emission from a Pulsar Wind Nebula: Application to the Persistent Radio Counterpart of FRB 121102; Yu-Han Yang, Zi-Gao Dai, arXiv:1911.12833
  • Modelling Double Neutron Stars: Radio and Gravitational Waves; Chattopadhyay et al., arXiv: 1912.02415

    "... we discuss implications for fast radio bursts and post-merger remnant gravitational-waves."

  • Nonlinear Scattering of Fast Radio Bursts; Gruzinov, arXiv:1912.08150
  • Looking for MACHOs in the Spectra of Fast Radio Bursts; A. Katz et al., arXiv: 1912.07620
  • FRB 171019: An Event of Binary Neutron Star Merger? Jinchen Jiang et al., arXiv:1909.10961
  • A Quark-Nova in the Wake of a Core-Collapse Supernova: A Unifiying Model for Long Duration Gamma-ray Bursts and Fast Radio Bursts; Ouyed, Leahy & Koning, arXiv:1906.09559
  • Estimates of Fast Radio Burst Dispersion Measures from Cosmological Simulations; Pol et al., arXiv:1903.07630
General Interest
  • The Imperative to Reduce Carbon Emissions in Astronomy; Stevens et al. arXiv:1912.05834
Upcoming meetings and conferences

Panchromatic Transients in the 2020s.
Warrenton, VA, USA. April 28 - 30, 2020. Registration now open. Early registration until 31 January.
Compact Objects and Energetic Phenomena in the Multi-Messenger Era.
Saint Paul, MN, USA. July 14 - 16, 2020. Registration is now open; register by 10 April 2020.

Relevant job listings

-- HIRAX Postdoctoral Fellowships in Radio Astronomy Instrumentation and Analysis, University of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. Deadline 31 January, 2020. AAS Job Register
-- ASTRON and JIVE International Summer Students Program, ASTRON, the Netherlands. Deadline 1 February, 2020. AAS Job Register
-- Berkeley SETI Research Center Summer Research Undergraduate Internships, June 8 - August 14, 2020. Deadline 7 February, 2020. Berkeley SETI Research Center

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