FRB Newsletter Issue 03 -- November 2019

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From the editors:

Here is our round-up of current FRB news and publications. Please continue to send us your updates and tips by email - we appreciate it! Note that each issue of the newsletter is archived and linked here.

Papers of interest

Observational Results
  • Prompt X-ray emission from Fast Radio Bursts --- Upper limits with AstroSat, Anumarlapudi et al., arXiv:1911.00537
  • Statistical properties [of] Magnetar Bursts and FRB 121102, Cheng, Zhang & Wang, arXiv:1910.14201
  • Non-detection of Fast Radio Bursts from Six Gamma-ray Burst Remnants with Possible Magnetar Engines, Men et al., arXiv:1908.10222
Algorithms and Instrumentation
  • LRP 2020 Whitepaper: The Canadian Hydrogen Observatory and Radio-transient Detector (CHORD), Vanderlinde et al., arXiv:1911.01777
Theory and Modeling
  • Constraints on the Engines of Fast Radio Bursts, Margalit, Metzger & Sironi, arXiv:1911.05765
  • Stellar Mergers as the Origin of Magnetic Massive Stars, Schneider et al., arXiv:1910.14058, also in Nature

    "... Such massive blue straggler stars seem likely to be progenitors of magnetars, perhaps giving rise to some of the enigmatic fast radio bursts observed ..."

  • Fast Radio Burst Dispersion Measures and Rotation Measures and the Origin of the Intergalactic Magnetic Field, Hackstein et al., arXiv:1907.09650
From the Astronomer's Telegram
  • Multiple bursts were detected from FRB 121102 at 2.25 GHz using the 70-m Deep Space Network radio telescope (DSS-43) in Tidbinbilla, Australia. The S/N-maximizing DM was 563.7 pc cm^-3, higher than the previously reported (structure maximizing) DM of 560.5 pc cm^-3 for bursts detected in 2016 and 2017 (ATel 13235).
  • The UTMOST telescope reports the detection of FRB 191107* (ATel 13282).
    *reported as FRB 190711
Upcoming meetings and conferences

-- FRB2020: Registration closes 1 December, and registration fees should be paid before 15 December, 2019.
-- Physics of Neutron Stars 2020.: 20-24 July, 2020 in St. Petersburg, Russia. Registration is open and should be completed before 16 March, 2020.
-- 14th Bonn Workshop on the Formation and Evolution of Neutron Stars.: Registration is now open. Register by 5 February, 2020.

Relevant job listings

-- Square Kilometre Array Organization, Macclesfield, UK: Postdoctoral position in fast radio burst science with Evan Keane, Deadline 5 January, 2020, AAS Job Register

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