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[ Edited Abowd and Vilhuber, 2005-04-07 ]


This example contains executables (programs) that can be run on a Itanium running Linux. The original version was for DOS/Windows, and is still available. Differences between the versions are pointed out below. If you wish to run on other computers (f.i. Mac OS X), you will need to recompile the programs (source code is available in, 64-bit clean-code is available from John Abowd or Lars Vilhuber). Documentation for the Census software is available here

To use this example, you will need to know how to copy and rename files, to use a text editor, and to run programs in the Linux or MS-DOS shell under Windows 95, 98, or NT. Your mileage in the GUI may vary...

See the Tips and Tricks page for help on working on Linux systems.

How to run gdriver standardizer.

The purpose of the program is to put a standardized address and standardized name at the end of a file.  


Configuration and primary data

The program has three main inputs.

Auxiliary data

The name standardization subportion has a large number of tables that need to be present in the directory where gdriver is run: The address standardization subportion has three tables that must be present in the directory where gdriver is run.
  3. CLUE_A1.DAT
Also, you need the file initfile.dat to be present. It has three lines. Each line corresponds to the name of the appropriate input table in the order above.


Running the standardizer

  1. Unzip the contents of It will create a sub-directory called "standardizer". This is the input data and the auxiliary data.
  2. Unzip the appropriate standardizer for your platform according to the table below.
    DOS or Windows (32bit or 64bit)
    Linux x86 32bit native standardizer-linux-i386.tgz
    Linux x86_64 native standardizer-linux-x86_64.tgz
    Linux 64bit (Itanium) native standardizer-linux-ia64.tgz
    These will expand into the same subdirectory.
  3. Ensure all the primary, parameter, and auxiliary data files are present.
  4. Click on gdriver, or preferably,

Submitting files

  1. Analyze the output. How are the characters "DR" handled in the test input file? (Submit the answer as "lab10_standardize.(suffix)" to the CMS)
  2. Change "william winkler" to "bill winkler". How does this affect the output? (submit the MODIFIED output as "stanout.txt" to the CMS).
  3. (Optional) Possibly modify the input files to see if the standardizer can handle your specific input files.

Compiling from source

Andrey Baliakin has cleaned up some of Bill Winkler's original code. The source code is known to compile using GCC, your mileage with other compilers and on other systems may vary. Some problems with addressing are known on ia64 systems.

To compile,

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