Lab 10: Record Linking

  • Do the sample standardization and record linkage exercise. To run the standardizer lab follow the instructions in README-standardize. To run the matcher lab follow the instructions in README-match. The exercise can be run on a Windows PC, on a Linux PC, and on the SSG. We do not provide a version of the software compiled for OS X, but the source code is likely to be successfully compiled on a OS X GNU compiler. On the SSG, files can be found at /ssgprojects/courses/info7470/Labs/Matching.

Submitting labs

Maximum group size: for programs, up to 3 students, if so declared. Otherwise: individual submissions only. Each student should still submit all required elements individually. Submissions are made on the Course Management Site. The documents can be submitted here. Due date: April 19, 2011, 3:59PM (Note: the site is used only for submissions, not for the other functionality you will find there.)