Lab 3: RDC Preliminary Project Proposal

  • Create an account in the RDCProject system (provide a screenshot). Do not submit a proposal through the CES site.
  • Identify a possible research question that can be extended to use data available in the RDC (or another restricted-access dataset)
    • Provide link to pertinent public-use documentation
    • Providing a small number of references (on the data, on the question) from discussion papers or articles would be a great idea here
    • Provide a link to available other information on the restricted-access data
  • Discuss why the particular project would require confidential [Census, NCHS, etc.] data (1/2 page)
  • Discuss if you think that the analysis is feasible in the chosen restricted-access data environment
    • Do you need to merge to some other data source? (if yes, how)
    • Do you need particular statistical software? (if yes, why)
    • How long might the project take?
  • Discuss in the context of your project how you would, or would not, address each of the Title 13, Chapter 5, justifications (PPS)? (two or three sentences for each criterion)
  • Write the above pre-proposal document with a separate cover page, identifying yourself only on the cover page. This is standard practice for double-blind review (note however that the Census RDC review process is not double-blind). Your proposal will be (anonymously) reviewed by a classmate as part of Lab 4.

Submitting labs

Submissions are made on the Course Management Site. Lab 3 can be submitted here. Due date: February 15, 2011, 3:59PM (Note: the site is used only for submissions, not for the other functionality you will find there.)