Lab 2: Tracing Public Use Statistical Products to Their Origins

Select one public use product from the list below:

  • Census 2000: Summary File 3 Sex by Marital Status for Places
  • County Business Patterns: NAICS-based Establishments by Employment Size
  • Current Employment Statistics: NAICS-based Employment by Metropolitan Area
  • Quarterly Workforce Indicators: NAICS-based Average Earnings for Females Ages 45-54 by Workforce Investment Area
  • National Health Interview Survey: Persons of All Ages Without Health Insurance
  • National Household Education Survey: Participation in Adult Education and Lifelong Earning

For that product answer the following questions (required detail is a few sentences and a citation, where appropriate):

  • What information is contained in the released data?
  • Who are the target data users?
  • What are the underlying source data?
  • Who collects the source data?
  • What is the sampling frame and the reference population for the table/series you selected?
  • How is the sampling frame refreshed and maintained?
  • For a single released data item, describe the exact source (question, administrative record) of the published statistic and provide a proper citation for your answer
  • What confidentiality protections were applied to the released data?
  • Provide a proper citation for the effects of those protections on the data item used for your answer above.

Submitting labs

Submissions are made on the Course Management Site. Lab 2 can be submitted here. (Note: the site is used only for submissions, not for the other functionality you will find there.)