Lab 1: Finding Sources, Documents, and Data

CISER (public site)

Find the documentation for the 2000 Census of Population and Housing Public Use Micro Sample.

What is a public use microsample area (PUMA)?

What is a confidentiality edit (hint: you might want to look here)?

What is the Longitudinal Business Database?

What is the Longitudinal Employer-Household Dynamics Program Business Register Bridge?

What are synthetic data?

What synthetic data does the Census Bureau create (name at least three)?

Research Data Center project proposals

  • How many steps are there in the process of submitting a research proposal to the RDC system?
  • What is the difference between proposals that access only Title 13 data and those that access Title 13 and Title 26 data (hint: read the criteria document)?
  • Create an account for yourself on the Research Data Center site (optional unless you plan to submit an RDC proposal)

After having received your VRDC account, verify that you can successfully log in

How do you submit SAS jobs?

How do you submit Stata jobs?

Submitting labs

Submissions are made on the Course Management Site. Lab 1 can be submitted here. (Note: the site is used only for submissions, not for the other functionality you will find there.)