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Several aspects of current nutrition “knowledge” and the effects of nutrition on individual health, and the public good, set a context for ethical “decisions” in nutrition which is distinct from either the Public Health or Medical Ethics models.

                   These include (but may not be limited to):

          A nutritional diagnosis is not “absolute” (this goes beyond “misclassification”)

                             Nutrition acts on morbidity and mortality as an “effect modifier” not a “cause”

                             Nutrition programs have a population context

                             Nutritional issues in health are multi-factorial (metabolic syndrome, obesity, etc.)

                             The effect (benefits, harms, to whom) of Nutrition is in the “future”

          Individually these aspects are not unique to nutrition, but collectively they represent a distinct “nutritional context” for an examination of Bio-Nutritional Ethics.  Increasingly over-laid on this context are developments in the field of Nutritional Genomics.  (Ethical considerations in TPN, are for the present excluded here, as they fall under the rubric of a medical treatment.)

Current Research Activities
Develop a scholarship program in Bio-Nutritional Ethics

Current Extension Activities
I was not involved in Extension activities in 2008.


Biographical Statement
Trained in basic biochemistry, and having taught for many years a graduate course Nutrition as an Integrating Discipline: Concepts and Paradigms, I am drawn to an emerging area of scholarship in nutritional bioethics.  The overall goal of this scholarship program is to develop an understanding of the aspects of the 'nutritional context' which includes public health interventions, with in the four principles of bioethics and their established dimensions.  This process should result in new dimensions to the principles.


Yale University, New Haven CT                                     B.S.                 1970                MolBiophys/Biochem

Cornell University, Ithaca NY                                         Ph.D.               1975                Biochemistry

University of California, Berkeley CA                              Postdoc            1975-6             Biochemistry

University of Texas, Austin TX                                         Postdoc            1976-8

Administrative Responsibilities
Member - Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee
Acting Chair Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee periodically during 2008

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NS332 Methods in Nutritional Sciences