Virginia Utermohlen
Associate Professor

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Current Activities

Current Professional Activities

Cornell University Graduate Field Membership: Nutrition

Academic Director, Cornell/DNS Post-baccalaureate Program in Health Studies

Faculty premedical adviser, College of Human Ecology

Member, Cornell Health Care Advisors Committee

Member, Health Careers Evaluation Committee

Member, Health Careers Program Advisory Board

Member, Institutional Review Board for Human Participants

Current Research Activities
The relationship of sensory sensitivity (taste, smell, vision, and field dependence) to determinants of personality, food choice, attitudes toward food and eating, choice of profession, short-term memory, and academic performance.


Biographical Statement
After medical school and training in pediatrics, Dr. Utermohlen completed a post-doctoral fellowship in immunology at Rockefeller University, where her initial research was focused on the immunology of autoimmune disease.  On coming to Cornell, she initially continued with this interest, but, in the context of her appointment to the Division of Nutritional Sciences, she turned to considering how taste and smell sensitivity are related to personality, food choice, eating attitudes and behavior, and choice of profession.

Through her teaching activities (which have won her both the Distinguished Teaching Award of the New York State College of Human Ecology and State University of New York Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Teaching) she has become interested in the ways students think, and how best to foster superior academic performance.  She is currently turning this interest into both a research program on the relationships among field dependence, memory, attitudes towards reading and learning, and their consequences for academic success, and a post-baccalaureate teaching program designed to support students interested in health careers.


Administrative Responsibilities
Academic Director, Post-baccalaureate Certificate Program in Health Studies
Faculty Pre-Health Career Advisor, College of Human Ecology
Member, Institutional Review Board for Human Participants
Member, Health Care Advisory Network
Member, Health Careers Evaluation Committee
Member, Health Careers Program Advisory Board


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Courses Taught
Integrated Health Studies I and II
Health and the Humanities
Empirical Research
Doctoral Thesis and Research

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Selected Publications
Brownlie IV, T, Utermohlen, V, Hinton, PS, Haas, JD.  Tissue iron deficiency without anemia impairs adaptation in endurance capacity after aerobic training in previously untrained women.  American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, 79(3): 437-443, 2004.

Utermohlen, V.  Articles on “Eating,” (with David R. Bauer), “Drug-nutrient Interactions,” and “Eating Disorders” for the Encyclopedia of Food and Culture, Solomon H. Katz, Editor in Chief.  Scribner Library of Daily Life, Charles H. Scribner’s Sons, New York, 2003.

Utermohlen, V.  Was Proust a taster?  Taste sensitivity to 6-n-propylthiouracil and the relationships among memory, imagination, synesthesia, and emotional response to visual experience. Food and Foodways. 10 (3): 99-109, 2002.

Bilukha, OO, Utermohlen, V.  Internalization of Western standards of appearance, body dissatisfaction and dieting in urban educated Ukrainian females.  Eur. J. Eat. Disord. Rev. 10: 120-137, 2002.

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Utermohlen, V.  Biological Demands and the Timing of Meals.  Food and Foodways 6:187-193, 1996.