Joy Swanson
Research Associate

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Current Activities

Current Professional Activities
Past chair of the Cornell Section of the American Chemical Society
Co-Chair Outreach of the Cornell Section of the American Chemical Society
Facutly Advisor of the Expanding Your Horizons in Math Science and Engineering Program

Current Research Activities
Elucidating the metabolic pathways involved in Tocopherol utilization and elimination.


Biographical Statement
Academic interests lie in understanding (1)

Degrees have been awarded from:
University of Minnesota, 1979, BSc. Food Science with concentration in Chemistry
Oregon State University, 1982, MSc.  Food Science minor in Biochemistry
Cornell University, 1988, Ph.D.  Food Science minors in Nutrition and Organic Chemisty

Courses, Websites, Pubs

Courses Taught
NS 115/116  Nutrition, Health and Society   with David Levitsky
NS 403  Teaching Apprenticeship
NS 421 Nutrition and Exercise      with Susan Travis
NS 341   Human Physiology and Anatomy         with Kimberly O'Brien

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You CS, Sontag TJ, Swanson JE, Parker RS. 2005. Long-chain carboxychromanols are the major metabolites of tocopherols and tocotrienols in A549 lung epithelial cells but not HepG2 cells. J Nutr.135(2):227-232.

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