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Current Extension Activities
Cornell NutritionWorks, at, is an interactive, web-based continuing professional education program for nutrition and health practitioners. The program was developed in response to research identifying professional development needs of community nutrition practitioners. Cornell NutritionWorks uses distance technology to provide a variety of continuing education opportunities for the target audience. Offerings include a 6-week, in-depth course, Preventing Childhood Obesity: An Ecological Approach, an 8-part online training series developed in cooperation with the New York State Department of Health and Department of Education called Schools Plus Professionals in Nutrition, and over 70 additional topics available for continuing education credit.

Cornell NutritionWorks members can interact with Cornell faculty through an Ask the Nutrition Expert feature, access cutting edge nutrition information, download resources and tools that enhance practice, participate in discussion forums with peers, and take self-assessments for continuing professional education units. The website also offers the latest nutrition research from the Division of Nutritional Sciences, recommended links, and has a complete reference center. There are over 6,300 Cornell NutritionWorks members representing all 50 states and 93 countries. Evaluations show that Cornell NutritionWorks improves the capacity of nutrition and health professionals to address critical nutrition issues, such as childhood obesity.


Biographical Statement
I'm the Program Leader for Cornell NutritionWorks, an online professional development program for nutrition and health practitioners at As Program Leader I oversee the content and structure of the website, plus develop marketing and evaluation strategies. For over 27 years I've been responsible for interpreting and communicating research-based information on food and nutrition issues to extension educators, other professionals, consumers and the media. My most recent interests include providing continuing professional education, primarily in the areas of childhood obesity prevention and global health, using distance technology. I am also interested in other consumer food and nutrition issues, such as dietary guidelines, food labeling and advertising, and food safety. My overall goal is to enhance the link between nutrition research and practice.


1996 CDN, Certified Dietitian-Nutritionist, New York State
1981  RD, Registered Dietitian, American Dietetic Association
1980  MS, Oregon State University, Foods and Nutrition
1976  BS,  University of California at Davis, Consumer Food Science

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Selected Publications

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