Anthony Ong
Assistant Professor

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Current Activities

Current Professional Activities

Associate Editor, Journal of Applied Psychology: Health and Well-being
Editorial Board, Journal of Positive Psychology
Guest Editor, Journal of Adolescence


Biographical Statement

Anthony D. Ong is Assistant Professor of Human Development and Director of the Resilience and Lifespan Development Laboratory at Cornell University. His research focuses on the socio-emotional, cognitive, and cultural resources that people draw upon to adapt to stressful life circumstances as they age. A central goal is to understand how certain individuals show maintenance, recovery, or even improvements in adaptive outcomes despite the presence of challenge and adversity. 


Postdoc, 2006 - U of Notre Dame - Adult Development and Aging   
Ph.D., 2002 - U of Southern California - Developmental Psychology

M.A., 1997 - California State U, Los Angeles - Experimental Psychology
B.A., 1995 - California State U, Los Angeles - Psychology

Administrative Responsibilities

Director, Resilience and Lifespan Development Laboratory, Cornell

Member, Bronfenbrenner Steering Committee, Bronfenbrenner Life
        Course Center, Cornell University

Courses, Websites, Pubs

Courses Taught

HD 2180 - Adult Development & Aging
HD 3490 - Positive Psychology 
HD 4190 - Midlife Development 
HD 4240 - Stress, Emotions, & Health 
HD 6110 - Psychology of Emotion (with Joseph Mikels)
HD 6120 - Foundations in Developmental Science

Related Websites

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Selected Publications

Ong, A. D., Fuller-Rowell, T., & Bonanno, G. A. (in press). Prospective 
        predictors positive emotions following spousal loss. Psychology 
        and Aging

Ong, A. D., Bergeman, C. S., & Boker, S. M. (2009). Resilience comes of
        age: Defining features in later adulthood. Journal of Personality,
, 1777-1804.

Ong, A. D., Fuller-Rowell, T., & Burrow, A. L. (2009). Racial discrimination
        and the stress process. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology,
, 1259-1271.

Ong, A. D., & Edwards, L. M. (2008). Positive affect and adjustment to
        perceived racism. Journal of Social and Clinical Psychology, 27,

Ong, A. D., Bergeman, C. S., Bisconti, T. L., & Wallace, K. A. (2006).
        Psychological resilience, positive emotions, and successful
        adaptation to stress in later life. Journal of Personality and
        Social Psychology, 91
, 730-749.

Ong, A. D., & Allaire, J. (2005). Cardiovascular intraindividual variability
        in later life: The influence of social connectedness and positive
        emotions. Psychology and Aging, 20, 476-485.

Ong, A. D., & Bergeman, C. S. (2004). The complexity of emotions in
        later life. Journal of Gerontology: Psychological Sciences, 59B,

Ong, A. D., Bergeman, C. S., & Bisconti, T. L. (2004). The role of daily
        positive emotions during conjugal bereavement. Journal of
        Gerontology: Psychological Sciences, 59B
, P158-167.