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Current Professional Activities

Professor Hinestroza is an active member of The American Chemical Society. Professor Hinestroza is currently a member-at-large of the Division of Cellulose and Renewable Materials and he has been the organizer for the Cellulose-Based and Other Green Composites Symposium since 2006.  

Professor Hinestroza is also a member of The Materials Research Society MRS,  The American Institute of Chemical Engineers AIChE,  The Society of Rheology, The Fiber Society  and The Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers SHPE

Current Research Activities


Our research group is focused on understanding complex phenomena at the nanoscale that are of fundamental relevance to fiber and polymer science.  Our work is divided into three main thrusts: 

1. Modification of existing textile materials using self-assembly and self-limiting deposition techniques to create novel and customizable surfaces on conventional textile substrates.

2. Creation of fibers from polymers that do not usually make fibers using directed and external electrical and magnetic fields

3. Development of mathematical models and metrology tools based on scanning probe microscopy to assess nanoscale phenomena on low energy surfaces and high radius of curvature.

Current Extension Activities


Biographical Statement
Detailed information about Professor Hinestroza and his research group is available at: http://nanotextiles.human.cornell.edu/

Juan P. Hinestroza is an Assistant Professor of Fiber Science and directs the Textiles Nanotechnology Laboratory at the College of Human Ecology of Cornell University in Ithaca, NY.
Professor Hinestroza obtained a Ph.D. from the Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering at Tulane University and B.Sc in Chemical Engineering from Universidad Industrial de Santander in his native Colombia. Prior to pursuing doctoral studies, Professor Hinestroza worked as a process control engineer for The Dow Chemical Company.

Professor Hinestroza works on understanding fundamental phenomena at the nanoscale that are of relevance to Fiber and Polymer Science. Hinestroza has received over 5.3 MM USD in research funding ( Federal and State agencies as well as Industrial Consortiums) for his pioneering work in exploring new pathways for creating multifunctional fibers via manipulation of nanoscale phenomena. Professor Hinestroza has also been the recipient of a myriad of awards including the National Science Foundation CAREER award, the J.D. Watson Young Investigator award from the NY State Foundation for Science Technology and Innovation and the Educator of the Year Award from the Society of Professional Hispanic Engineers.

Professor Hinestroza’s scientific work has been featured in Nature Nanotechnology, MRS Bulletin , Materials Today, C&E News, Natural Geographic, Wired, ASEE Prism as well as in mainstream media outlets such as CNN, Popular Science, ABC News, PBS, NPR and BBC.

In addition to his scientific endeavors, Professor Hinestroza and his research group are actively involved in community outreach activities aimed at increasing the number of members from underrepresented minority groups in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics as well as engaging senior citizens in collaborative and inter-generational learning experiences.

Ph.D. Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, Tulane University 2002
B.Sc. Chemical Engineering, Universidad Industrial de Santander 1995

Administrative Responsibilities
Chairman of the Committee on Academic Status at the College of Human Ecology

Nanotextiles, nanoparticles, nanofibers, textiles nanotechnology

Courses, Websites, Pubs

Courses Taught
FSAD 4660 : Textiles Apparel Innovation
FSAD 6160 : Rheology of Solids
FSAD 6390 : Mechanics of Fibrous Systems

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Selected Publications
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