Cynthia Enroth
Extension Associate

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Current Activities

Current Professional Activities
Strong Soldiers Strong Families Initiative - providing supportive material for U.S. Army Family, Morale, Welfare and Recreation Command’s, Family Advocacy Program, and Army Community Service family service providers, and National Guard and Army Reserve program staff.

Current Extension Activities
I work on the U.S. Family, Morale, Welfare and Recreation Command’s, Family Advocacy Program (FAP) and with Army Community Service (ACS) projects who provide materials and support for Army family service providers. Project implementation includes oversight of the FAP New Parent Support Program - Home Visitation computer-based training modules. It also includes oversight for development of training materials on supporting Army Families through their deployment cycle. This requires reviews of military surveys and data bases, current literature, and other resources that address the prevention of child and domestic abuse, deployment cycle support and related mental health topics. Recommendations are provided to enhance the FAP computer-based data collection, a review of data and reports as it becomes available. Assisted in an evaluation strategy for an Army project, that involved conducting sensing groups and interviews with Army Soldier’s and Family members about their deployment experiences. This project promotes first hard information that compliments the development of the current deployment cycle support training materials. I plan to continue attending U.S. Army Family Advocacy Worldwide conferences, Army Integrated Family Support Network conferences to stay connected regarding Army wide resources.


Biographical Statement

I have been an extension associate since my employment at FLDC, 1992, working on the military projects. Currently, I work on military projects for U.S. Army Family, Morale, Welfare and Recreation Command’s, Army Community Service (ACS), and the Family Advocacy Program (FAP) that provide the Army’s family service providers with materials that help them address their program goals. This is accomplished by developing training material, and evaluation support for their prevention programs. Recent projects included oversight and up-dating research-based prevention information, best practice guidelines, and program evaluation for their home visitation program. Another project involved oversight of development of training resources on planning for, and preparedness through the deployment cycle.

Administrative Responsibilities
Administrative responsibilities involve oversight of various projects. Project completion not only requires assisting with budget development and related funding transactions, it requires writing and editing of materials, and oversight of production and distribution of materials to military program staff.