Cynthia Enroth
Extension Associate

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Current Activities

Current Professional Activities
Strong Soldiers Strong Families Initiative - providing advice and consultation to U. S. Army Community Service professionals, and National Guard and Army Reserve program staff.

Current Research Activities
Reviewed current military and civilian literature, military surveys and data bases, and other resources that identified the linkages between "Family readiness and force readiness", for services members and their Family members.  Primary focus was the prevention of child and domestic abuse, and deployment effects.  Assisted with U.S. Army Community Service needs assessment reports and anaylzing their Family program Client Tracking System and other relevant outcome data particularly for the New Parent Support - Home Visitation program. 

Current Extension Activities
Managed and assisted with the development of evidence-based, military-specific training materials for Army Family service professionals and unit leaders.  Computer-based training modules focused on planning and evaluating prevention programs for the Army Family Adovcacy Program (FAP).  Another training program included development of modules for the FAP New Parent Support Program - Home Visitation. Facilitator's Guides and training materials were developed for the Army Community Service, Deployment and Mobilization Program.  These materials provided guidance pertaining to planning for and supporting Army Families through their deployment cycle. 


Biographical Statement

I have been an extension associate since my employment at FLDC, 1992, working on the military projects.  Currently, I am a project coordinator for U.S. Army Community Service (ACS), the Family Adovocacy Program (FAP). I work on military projects that help the Army’s family programs meet accreditation standards that promote family and service member well-being. This is accomplished by providing family program professionals training material, and evaluation support for their prevention programs. Recent projects included oversight and up-dating research-based prevention information for FAP managers on program implementation, evidence-based practice principles and program evaluation;  and development of training modules for the FAP  New Parent Support Program Home Visitation.  Another project involved oversight of development of training resources for ACS staff and military leaders on planning for and preparedness through the deployment cycle.  

I continue to network with Army Community Service staff worldwide, Cooperative Extension and other social service agencies to carry out mission objectives for Army family programs.

Administrative Responsibilities
Administrative responsibilities involve oversight of various projects. Project completion not only requires assisting with budget development (Statement of Work) and related funding activities, it requires writing and editing of materials, and oversight of graphic design, production and distribution of materials to military program staff.