Myra Sabir
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Current Activities

Current Professional Activities
I am currently split between three positions here at Cornell:  Visiting faculty at the Africana Studies & Research Center (50%); Assistant Director of the Bronfenbrenner Life Course Center (25%); and Post-doctoral Research Associate at CITRA (25%).  I find all these activities challenging and rewarding. 

Current Research Activities
I recently presented preliminary findings from the Harlem Life Review and Health in Later Life Study (HLRHLL) at the 2007 Gerontological Society of America conference.  These two presentations are being translated into journal publications. I am continuing to analyze the data from all three waves of the study and expect to publish two additional papers over the coming year.  In collaboration with colleagues here at Cornell, at Weill Cornell Medical College, and at New York University, I am currently planning for the a replication of the HLRHLL study with homebound older adults living in Harlem scheduled to take place in the summer of 2008.



Ph.D. Cornell University, Ithaca, NY
August, 2004 Major: Human Development & Family Studies
Dissertation Title: Intrinsic and Extrinsic Self-Expression: The Role of Self-Acceptance
Committee Chair: Elaine Wethington

MA Cornell University, Ithaca, NY
May, 2001 Major: Human Development & Family Studies
Thesis Title: When Do Opposites Attract? Predictors of Successful Relationships in a Peer Support Program for Alzheimer’s Caregivers
Thesis Advisor: Karl Pillemer

MTS Emory University, Atlanta, GA
May, 1996 Major: Theological Studies & Human Development
Magna Cum Laude
Thesis Title: Uncrippling the I AM: Fostering the Shift from Dependency to Independency/Interdependency in Personality and Behavior
Thesis Advisor: James Fowler

BA Georgia State University, Atlanta, GA
March, 1984 Major: Philosophy

Administrative Responsibilities
Assistant Director of the Bronfenbrenner Life Course Center

Courses, Websites, Pubs

Courses Taught
Instructor: ASRC171: The Black Family & the Socialization of Black Children

Instructor: ASRC615: Graduate Seminar: The Psychology of Black Identity

Instructor:  Human Development 418: Aging: Contemporary Issues

Co-Instructor:  Human Development 455: Social Interventions to Promote Optimal Human Development

Teaching Assistant:  Human Development 115: Introduction to Human Development

Guest Lecturer: HD 218: Adulthood and Aging, Cornell

Guest Lecturer: Sociology 246: Drugs and Society, Cornell

Guest Lecturer: HD651: Interdisciplinary Community-Based Scientific Research in Health & Aging, Cornell

Related Websites

I am founding editor of The Aging Research Translator (ART), an online publication that provides non-technical summaries of the aging research published in peer-reviewed academic journals. The idea was simply to return the value of research to the broader community, since community-based practitioners are the people most likely to apply the knowledge-base to the lives of real people. The location of research in university libraries and databases makes it difficult for them to access, and the overly technical language of research articles presents another challenge to its absorption by the community. The ART can be found at