FRB Newsletter Volume 03, Issue 07 — July 2022

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From the Editors

Are you off on a summer vacation? If so, here's an issue of the FRB newsletter for light beach reading! Or maybe you're overloaded at work and eagerly anticipating FRB2022, just a couple of short weeks away. Either way, we hope you enjoy the newsletter.

Papers of Interest

Theory and Modeling
  • Detecting Cosmic Strings with Lensed Fast Radio Bursts; Huangyu Xiao, Liang Dai & Matthew McQuinn, arXiv: 2206.13534
  • The Statistical Similarity of Repeating and Non-Repeating Fast Radio Bursts; Kongjun Zhang et al., arXiv: 2206.13871
  • Stellar Prospects for FRB Gravitational Lensing; Connor & Ravi, arXiv: 2206.14310
  • Bounding the Photon Mass with the Dedispersed Pulses of the Crab Pulsar and FRB 180916B; Chen-Ming Chang et al., arXiv: 2207.00950
  • Baryonic Post-Processing of N-body Simulations, with Application to Fast Radio Bursts; Williams, Khan & McQuinn, arXiv: 2207.05233
  • Particle Acceleration and Radiation Reaction in a Strongly Magnetized Rotating Dipole; Jerome, arXiv: 2207.00624
Algorithms and Instrumentation
  • An Injection System for the CHIME/FRB Experiment; Merryfield et al., arXiv: 2206.14079
  • Millisecond Cadence Radio Frequency Interference Filters; Kania et al., arXiv: 2207.04653
  • High-Performance Computing for SKA Transient Search: Use of FPGA based Accelerators -- A Brief Review; Aafreen et al., arXiv: 2207.07054
Magnetars and other relevant results
  • Single Pulse Dispersion Measure of the Crab Pulsar; Lewandowska et al., arXiv: 2207.04267
  • PSR J0952-0607: The Fastest and Heaviest Known Galactic Neutron Star; Romani et al., arXiv: 2207.05124
  • Constraining the Ellipticity of New-Born Magnetar with the Observational Data of Long Gamma-Ray Bursts; Lang Xie et al., arXiv: 2206.12874
Upcoming Meetings and Conferences

IAU GA 2022 / FRB2022: The IAU General Assembly in Busan, South Korea is coming soon, with the symposium on Fast Radio Bursts scheduled for 2-4 August 2022. The programme is now available on the conference website.

Relevant Job Listings

-- Postdoctoral research and teaching position (3 years): fast radio bursts with the CRAFT Collaboration, Curtin University, Perth, Western Australia. Closing August 12th at 2pm UT. Apply at Curtin University. AAS Job Register

-- CHORD Project Scientist based at Perimeter Institute, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada; 5-year position. Apply via Academic Jobs Online. AAS Job Register

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